Monday, April 30, 2012


I've been thinking about people's attitudes. As such, you must now read my writing on my thinking about people's attitudes. It is the never ending circle of literary exposition, and I'm glad you're here.

If our lives were movies our characters would, obviously, be the headliners. We'd be the Clooneys, Downey Jrs, Streeps, and Therons. Yet, for some reason, if we were really honest, and chose by the way we actually viewed ourselves, we wouldn't cast those actors.

We'd cast someone like Michael Cera, or a softball catcher, or *shudder* Katherine Heigel.

We all too easily forgo reason and place heavy emphasis on every insecurity and imperfection we have. I've heard this sentiment elsewhere, but forgot where, so its mine now: When we look at other's Facebook's and Twitter's we see their highlight reel, but when we look at ourselves we see all the hidden things we hate about ourselves. And we unfairly put ourselves down in comparison.

It's true, you may be the only person who knows about your struggling body image, damaged relationships, or the weird mole on your chest that could pass as a third-nipple. And while everyone else appears to have it all together, we cast ourselves as the victims, the unworthy, and the unloved everyday.

Our natural tendency is to have a bad attitude towards life and others because we view ourselves as the downtrodden underdog. We think that everyone else is happy, successful and has less back hair, whereas we are self-centered, jealous, and lost. It's this feeling that everyone else has wronged ME and its THEIR fault I'm unhappy!

But don't forget, everyone has their own weird mole-nipple.

The thing about having a "good attitude" is that it's often contingent on other things going well. If its a beautiful day outside, you just got paid, got plenty of sleep and someone gave you an excellent compliment this morning its easy to be positive and peppy. And when you oversleep your alarm, are late to work, and thus, your morning meetings, are unappreciated for your hard work and forgot to pack your go-gurt! Then a "bad attitude" is expected, and, perhaps, might even be justified.

The problem is in the truth that if nothing particularly good happens today, our attitude will still hesitate on the edge of bad-ness.

Attitude is one of those things that you choose. You can't choose your personality, but you can choose behavior. And what is your attitude if not a way that you behave?

Avoid the temptation to cast yourself as the one everyone is against. Be a person who chooses to have a positive attitude outside of circumstance. Avoid the lie that you are the only person who matters. Be selfless.

Avoid Katherine Heigel. Be Robert Downey Jr.

Friday, April 6, 2012

Baja, Mexico

Every once in a while we are given an opportunity to do something meaningful. Not necessarily life-altering, grandiose or miraculous. But meaningful.

You and I are at one of those moments. Me, out of choice. You, because you clicked this link and are reading this blog and it's too late to back out now! I gotcha!

I'm going on a missions trip to Baja, Mexico with my wife, a few members of my church and a legion of smelly high schoolers (just kidding, some are in middle school). We will have the opportunity to do a good work in the people of Baja's lives, meet some of their needs, share a life enhancing message with them, and probably get diarrhea from eating the local food.

I sense you know where I'm going with this. Instead of viewing this as a careless money grab (unless that sort of thing works for you), I'd encourage you to see it in a different light.

I am blessed with the gift of being able to go. To take time off work, to partner with my church, and to help lead this missions trip with Michele, friends and, again, legion of smelly teenagers. Your gift may not be the same. Your gift may be that you are able to give. In the same way that LeBron James is gifted at basketball, I am gifted at watching him play basketball. We are both equally good at things related to basketball, so I am LeBron James and together we will win basketball games for Jesus! (or something...)

I digress. My gift is being able to go, your gift is being able to give. I want you to be a part of this trip with me. I want you to feel like you made a difference in the lives of people on the other side of a different country. And, in reality, you will have. These trips don't happen without money (the sad, but accurate, truth).

So, lets do something meaningful. Partner with me as a friend, brother, sister or stranger. Not simply so that I can go. I'll find a way somehow. But join me in doing something bigger than ourselves today. Join me in meeting the needs of people you don't know, and may never meet.

Follow this link:

It's already set up to donate to me and for my trip, all you have to do is enter how much. I'd encourage you to act now, in the moment. It's easier than shopping online (cause I already picked out what you're going to buy me, and now you don't have to worry about choosing which of the 12 items in your shopping cart you're actually going to buy).

Help me use my gift of 'going'. Otherwise I'll be forced to use my gift of 'watching LeBron James play basketball'. And I think we both know which one is more enjoyable. For both of us.

Feel free to email me with questions at