Friday, June 4, 2010

Kobe Beef

I can't stand Kobe Bryant. No its not jealousy over the multiple championships, its not the 'I'm gonna get mine' attitude, its not even the rape charge. It's his obsession with being the greatest ever. And the jutting lower jaw face, seen here.

See, as a fan, I can choose to hate anyone in the sports world for whatever reason I like. Do I have a reason to dislike Emmit Smith, Hall of Fame running back, as a person? Nope. But he played for the Cowboys. So I loathe him.

Has Derek Jeter done anything to me? Nope. He hasn't even been looped in the steroids scandal in baseball. He's pretty much the best ambassador the MLB has to offer, but I despise him and his team. It comes with the territory. It's nothing personal.

Kobe is the same way for me.

I'm not ignorant or making reactionary judgments, despite what you're thinking. The guy is incredible. He's averaging 30 points, 8 boards and 6 assists in the playoffs this year. Insane! He's making shots that should never happen. He's clinching games by himself and icing the competition one improbable basket at a time. He's tamed Ron Artest. RON ARTEST!

Heck, even his air balls are winning games for the Lakers.

Kobe is the hardest working player in the NBA. He's driven beyond belief. Watch highlights of the game from last night. If you look at his face you see he's in another dimension. Its almost as if he's not even seeing this as a game. Its a mission. Its another stepping stone to become the greatest basketball player ever.

And I hate him. Look, he's never going to be Michael Jordan. He just won't. Jordan did more with less, and did it all by himself. He won three championships in a row, left the game, came back and won three more in a row. Kobe's only 3-peat came with Shaq who was beyond the most dominate player in the game. Kobe's numbers may begin to approach Jordan's over the next few years, but lets not forget Kobe started at age 18 and has played 14 seasons already. He'll likely finish his career after 16-18 seasons. Jordan played 12 seasons in his career (not including the years with the Wizards which don't really count anyway) and won 6 titles in the process!

Kobe won't pass Michael Jordan. To be honest, I don't think he'll even pass Magic Johnson as the greatest Laker ever. Magic was charismatic beyond belief. The Lakers had never beaten the Celtics in a Finals until Magic came along. He rejuvenated the franchise, grew the fan base and became the face of the league during his prime.

When people see Kobe they still think of a smarmy little snake. Maybe that's just me.

Kobe is the best player in the NBA right now (yes, LeBron is more gifted, physical and amazing). Kobe isn't just the best closer. He's the best winner, the best leader, the hardest working and the smartest. His life is consumed with winning championships so he can be the greatest ever. That's all he cares about.

And that's why I'll always hate him....and respect him.

(images courtesy of the Brain on Funk Blog by Doc Funk, I'm not nearly that creative)

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