Monday, March 15, 2010

Perpetual State of Yawn

Top 10 lists are fun. They're essentially the only thing the Letterman Show has to offer other than awkward apologies for infidelity. Well, that and the fact that the host isn't Jay Leno. This, however, is just an opportunity to use a creative phrase my wife came up while describing that feeling after waking up after a nap as the title to a post.

Here are 10 things that bore me. This should hold you over until my next post, later today.

We'll start with 5 most people can agree on:
10. Spring Training Baseball...and baseball in general
9. Listening to hockey fans talk about hockey
8. WNBA Basketball
7. Staff meetings at work
6. Those Free Credit Score commercials with Ben Stein and a CGI gopher

Now 5 things that probably bore just me.
5. Hearing Lindsay Lohan say her name is synonymous with Oprah or Madonna
4. The part during game shows when they interview the family and friends of the contestant
3. SportsCenter during the summer when its just Baseball highlights. You're telling me you can get ten Top 10 moments each day from baseball games? Really? Really SportsCenter!? REALLY!?!
2. Movies from my childhood that I originally thought were amazing. Turns out Hillary Swank as the Karate Kid isn't fun to watch as an adult.

And #1...
1. Any day of the year that isn't the first day of March Madness!

Here's an SNL Digital Short that will not bore you:


  1. I actually agree with you on all accounts. Though I feel SportsCenter's basketball highlights are just as ludicrous as their baseball highlights. Someone slam dunks the ball in every game, multiple times. There is NO reason that it should be higher on a list than someone karate kicking a soccer ball that is rocketing past them to get it out of the way of their goal or when someone makes some sweet hockey shot. People score on average probably 3 times in a hockey game, probably 2 in a soccer game, but those highlights are lower on the list than LeBron James slam dunking which he himself does probably 5-6 times a game. Ludicrous.

    Everything else you're right on the money with though. Baseball is boring and Letterman is boring.

  2. hockey?! hockey is not boring! i'm a hockey fan, i will talk about hockey and IT WILL THRILL YOU. okay probably not, but hockey rules, the end.