Friday, December 2, 2011

A blog by my wife, about her new job.

**This was written by Michele about her new job. Which, I'm hoping, you got from the title of this post. If you didn't, please rewind and start again.**

It’s crazy how early educators, parents, and family members start asking us what we want to be “when you grow up.” In first grade, I wanted to be a Disney Princess. I mean, when you’re 6 years old that seems like a realistic option, right? Maybe for you it was fireman, policeman or superhero. For most of us, it changed weekly, and when our parents asked us what we wanted to be and we shouted “SPIDERMAN!” they got a good laugh. Of course, as we start to get a little older we begin to think more realistically.
At age 10, I was advised that I needed to accept Jesus Christ as my Savior and be baptized. So, I did. I didn’t really know what they meant, but thought that if I didn’t pray and read my Bible everyday I’d probably get struck down by a bolt of lightening. Eventually, I began to figure out who Jesus was on my own. I attended a youth conference in 7th grade, and I re-dedicated my heart to Christ.
Shortly after that, when people started asking me what I wanted to be when I grow up I’d say, “I don’t know. I just want to help people.”
As I got into high school and college, when people asked me that dreaded question, I’d give them various answers that I thought sounded the most professional. I got my bachelor’s degree in English and my minor in Journalism, but still felt that heart tug as I thought of the Middle School version of myself.
Post college I worked a handful of awful and not so awful jobs. In my recent position, I knew that I wasn’t where God wanted me. I needed to figure out what he had called me to do.After several weeks of praying about what I was supposed to be doing with my life (Disney Princess crossed my mind once or twice), Pastor Eddy came to me and asked me if I’d be interested in working with him for Oneighty. I think I said, “Yes!” before he finished asking the question. In a way only God can, I was blown away with an amazing and direct answer to prayer!
In the few short days I’ve worked for the church, I’ve felt an incredible sense of fulfillment that tells me this is the place God has called me to be. That his purpose for my life was to bring me to this place, to serve and work alongside the high-schoolers in Oneighty. And I feel so incredibly blessed to be here.
Turns out the Middle School version of me knew where I was supposed to be the whole time.

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