Thursday, June 24, 2010

Fantasy World

It's funny how alliteration works. The world seems to supernaturally order our lives by similar first letters. Like why is it that the only four things in life that I'd die for all start with the letter 'F'? My Faith, Family, Fraternity and Fantasy Football.

You can't stop it. Football season is coming, and with it brings months of advanced obsession over teams and players. You may think I'm being a bit overzealous considering training camps haven't even started yet, but you think wrong. So quit judging me.

As I've made painfully clear in previous posts the summer time does not have much to offer by way of sports entertainment. Yes, I realize I'm saying that a day after the US advances in the World Cup by a miracle goal in stoppage time, a record setting Wimbledon match has been playing for 10 hours, and Strasburg broke the strikeout record for his first four starts. But go with me here.

It might be the sweltering heat affecting my brain, or the fact that I just discovered I have a man crush on one of the guys on 'So You Think You Can Dance', but I'm all in on the Fantasy Football season already.

I'm ready to start pouring over mock drafts, ranking lists, and injury reports. I can't wait to start planning my draft order, strategy, and finding potential trade fodder. I'm looking forward to losing 50% of my readers (read: my mom and wife) who don't care about fantasy football.

So I've gathered you all here today for an important announcement. As you don't already know, I started writing weekly awards for our fantasy league last year. It was mostly a vehicle to gripe about how unfair it was that my team was so good but I was losing all the time, it then morphed into a place to make fun of everyone in the league that wasn't me, and finally settled on a fun way to make the league more involved and competitive.

As the next fantasy season kicks off this space will be used to chronicle some of the adventures our league has. Hopefully you'll find it interesting and not horribly obnoxious (And yes, I realize there's about as much of a chance of that happening as there is for Snookie not getting punched in the face again this season, but I'm keeping my fingers crossed). I'll continue posting on topics that interest me outside of the fantasy world as well, but when the season is in full swing my hope is that this blog will offer some insight into the lives of degenerate Fantasy Football players.

It should give you plenty of material to judge us with and opportunities to laugh at our expense, and I'm willing to take that bullet.

Ok, I gotta go- I have 'So You Think You Can Dance' on DVR and Pascha is doing a Paso Doble! ¡Ay, caramba!


  1. Move over Titus, AJ McGraw is my new favorite blogger.