Friday, June 18, 2010


I've been out of commission for a few weeks, largely due to severe emotional trauma. That is, having to deal with another Lakers v. Celtics NBA Finals. But also because all the good shows on TV ended their seasons and left me with a gaping hole inside. Perhaps its time that I find a life.

Let's bang out a few quick thoughts on things going on in the sports world:

1. The Los Angeles Lakers won another NBA Championship last night over the Boston Celtics. I have the same feeling The Rock had when he found out his agent signed him up to play the Tooth Fairy. At least this confirms Kobe will never be better than MJ. In the pinnacle game of his career, game 7 of the Finals against the team's biggest rival, Kobe shot 6-24 from the field and was 0-6 from beyond the arc. Terrible. He forced up the worst shots, showed disdain for his teammates, and wanted to do it all by himself. Kobe also made Finals history by stealing the MVP from the worthy winner (Pau Gasol) based on his name alone. Awful. When does John Wall get to D.C.?

2. The World Cup is in full swing, or (to most Americans) Sport's Center won't be shown on ESPN from 7:30am - noon. I love the World Cup, I wish more people appreciated it. It's really not that much to ask, right? To like soccer for one month every 4 years? That's definitely do-able. Plus, if you have reasons to hate soccer you can apply those same reasons to baseball, consider yourself un-American, leave the country, and go live somewhere else. If only we could get all baseball fans to do that....

3. Unfortunately for everyone who can't bring themselves to watch soccer, otherwise known as Mole people, we are about to enter the driest spell of sports all year. NHL Playoffs ended, NBA Finals ended, NFL training camp hasn't started...all we have to look forward to are the NBA Draft, hundreds of meaningless baseball games, and the premier of 'Grown Ups'. Should be a pretty slow summer. Seriously, aside from the World Cup, summer sports are less inspiring than J-Lo's comeback.

4. Ok, I'm still bitter about Kobe getting a 5th ring. We need to talk about this. This does NOT make him as good as Jordan or better than Magic Johnson. It just doesn't. If the number of rings a player had determined them as the best why isn't Robert Horry and his 7 rings mentioned in the top 5 all-time players? Comparing Kobe's rings to Jordan's is about as useless as dry heaving. Kobe was the best player on the team for 2 rings, Jordan for all 6. I won't get into it anymore or this post will be entirely too long.

5. No, you know what? I will get into just a little bit more- Kobe showed last night that he is not the greatest. He was forcing up terrible shots and tried to carry the team on his back, unnecessarily. His poor shooting performance showed that he needed to get to the free throw line to score points in the biggest game of the season. Other great players would have created opportunities for themselves or gotten the rest of the team involved. Just sayin'.

Alright, I'm done. Back to watching US lose to Slovenia. I hope this makes Lakers fans happy! If the Celtics won USA would be up 4-0 right now...

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