Wednesday, September 19, 2012


Some things are inevitable. A quarterback with four neck surgeries not being able to throw 30 yards in the air, the Redskins losing to the Rams, replacement refs having their cars set on fire by fans. These are things you knew were going to happen. And if you know the Ducal Crown Fantasy Football League (DCFFL), you know we take fantasy football way too seriously.

I mean, we made a website for our league (

So, this next step was a foregone conclusion. My buddy Jimmy and I put our heads together and recorded a fantasy football podcast.

I know, I know! We have a problem. But while you spend hours a day on Facebook, "going to the gym", or posting on Facebook about going to the gym when really putting Bugles on your fingers and pretending you're a witch while watching reruns of Pacific Blue, we spend our time in this little Ducal Crown world we created.

Last night, Jimmy and I went to work recording a podcast that, in time, we think will become really good. We recorded it over Google Hangouts, which is why it sounds like I'm calling in over the phone in a radio studio and I called in over the phone because I was super busy meeting with clients and doing handshake exercises.

In this 'episode', we talk about the paradigm shift with Fantasy quarterbacks, the surprise fantasy running backs and their value going forward, and each make bold predictions about a game this weekend. We had a ton of fun doing it, I hope you have as much fun listening.

Each week we'll post a new episode. The format will change as we get more comfortable doing it and we hope to bring in other members of the DCFFL to weigh in on their Fantasy studs and problem children.

Here are the ways you can listen:

We recorded it in a Hangout, but removed the video of our faces (you all missed the gloriously deep v-neck I was wearing) and posted it to YouTube. Probably the easiest way to listen if you're at your desk.

RSS Feed-
You can add it to your RSS feed (Google reader, BeyondPod, etc) and listen to it on your phone or in your car on your commute home.

iTunes is coming soon, Jimmy is setting up our account as we speak and we hope to have it available there as well.

That is the "Deep Vee's Fantasy Football" Podcast, listen, check it out, have some fun and get ready for next week's installment!

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