Tuesday, April 20, 2010

I don't get it...

There are plenty of things I don't understand in life. Like, why we all brush our teeth in the morning THEN drink a cup of coffee. It's completely counter productive.

Or why Ke$ha looks like a cross between Steven Tyler and Gonzo. Or why the kids playing in the street think I'm the one getting in their way. Some things are just beyond me.

But, above everything else is, I don't get all the hate on Terrel Owens.

OK, that might be a lie but it works as an intro. Let me give you some framework. It was announced today (April 20th) that Donovan McNabb has verbalized that he would like to see TO come to Washington to play with him.

Naturally, this created a panic in Skins fans everywhere. But I'm not sure why. Think about it...

1. Our current receivers are garbage- I'm not buying into the hype of Devin Thomas and Malcolm Kelley just yet. They might be good one day, but not in an elite way. Santana Moss is four inches taller than Papa Smurf and is built to be a slot guy, not a first option wideout. I love the Cooley/Fred Davis combo at tight end, but don't even begin to think we can put two TEs in passing patterns on every down. Our offensive line is garbage and we need all the help we can get in pass and run protection. TO provides an elite level wideout that McNabb can look to as his primary option, with Moss in the slot working a Wes Welker type role and Thomas/Kelley as the 2nd option. No, not either/or, they will both be the second option. We will fuse them together like an Autobot.

2. Is TO a head case?- Do I believe TO has a screw or four loose? Yes. Do I believe he will be a cancer in the locker room if he signs with the Skins? Absolutely not. Here's the thing: TO generally does very well with his teammates his first year in a new location. He tries to fit in and be liked and succeed. How do I know this? Because I watched that SuperStars show he was on and found out he's really a giant child who just wants to be liked by people. Furthermore, TO was just banished by the league to Buffalo. Talk about a punishment! I think he got the message that teams don't want to put up with his reputation and he can very easily go unsigned. Having McNabb ask for TO to come play here is a huge vote of confidence and a show of faith in the receiver. TO would view this as his shot at redemption and give us at least one good season.

3. We need blocking...- Owens is a big guy. Don't be fooled by his ridiculous smile, or the tears he hides behind giant sunglasses, he's a big dude. He can provide great down field blocking for our RB core. I just haven't seen Santana Moss create good blocks down field. Yes, he can grab onto someone's ankles and hold on, but he isn't who you want when Willie Parker breaks one loose. Yes, I realize I'm taking several liberties with this point...but in the very fat chance that one of our RBs does break loose, Owens is a guy you want leading the charge and holding off the safeties.

4. ...and Leadership- Granted, when I think leadership I don't think Terrell Owens. But remember, when TO was in the news every week he was a young buck doing anything and everything to prove himself. It was all, "Me, me, me". He's on his way out of the league and he knows it. McNabb will be the leader of this team and he'll put TO to work. At the very least, Owens will be able to teach some of these young receivers a thing or two about catching footballs in the NFL. We complain we haven't seen much out of our young receivers, but we forget how young they are. Thomas and Kelly are both 24. They have a lot to learn and there is a lot TO can teach them. I don't see that as a bad thing...not completely at least.

5. There is no Go-To Guy- One thing the Redskins have lacked is a go-to guy on offense. When the Steelers are in a jam, they look to Hines Ward. When the Colts need to stage a comeback Manning is going to Dallas Clark and Reggie Wayne (although Peyton could do it with Stephen Hawking and a stapler). When the Skins are behind in the fourth quarter they roll over and die. Not anymore suckas!

6. We get lined up in single coverage- If you play the Redskins your defensive scheme is easy: stop the run, disrespect the pass. Defenses can line up in single coverage on the outside and get away with it because we don't have a deep threat or a tall, proven receiver. With TO out wide, teams are forced to double him up which opens up other receiving options. Its just a fact folks.

7. Think about our draft needs- If the Skins pick up TO they would have successfully filled three major holes on the team for at least one season. They've filled out the RB core, so when one gets hurt there are two more lying in wait. They've traded for a great QB who will translate immediately into increased production on offense and they would have a solid WR with TO. This way, they have no choice but to draft four offensive lineman with their four draft picks. Win-win!

8. You who say, "I'm quitting the Skins!"- When news dropped of a possible TO free agent signing, I can't tell you the number of Skins fans I saw declare, "I'm not watching the Redskins! I boycott!" First off I have to question whether you're a real Skins fan or not. Fans stick with their team through thick and thin, so I will politely say, "Get over yourself." Secondly, if you know the Skins at all you know TO would sign a 1 year deal that is incentive laced. It'll probably have clauses in it like, he gets an extra million if he accumulates 1,000 yards, or half a million for 6 TDs scored. A bunch of bonuses to get him motivated to produce. You don't believe me? Look at the fine print on Larry Johnson's and Willie Parker's deals. They don't get paid unless they produce. There ain't no dummies in the new Skins management...you know, aside from the owner.

The point is this, our top level QB needs someone to throw the ball to. He does not have that currently. If signing TO makes you think we're taking a step back with our receiving core, you do not know much about football. Sure TO had his worst season in Buffalo....but he was IN BUFFALO! He had two of the worst QBs in the game throwing him the ball and he still had a few good games. Paired up with McNabb I see his value going way up again. If for nothing more than 1,000 yards and 8 TDs. Which is as many TDs as Moss, Thomas, Kelly and Cooley had....COMBINED.

I have put my trust in Shanahan. I am a believer. Hail to the Redskins.


  1. look, i'm not actually going to quit. it's just my small protest of the redskins' bring-in-the-old-guy-who-used-to-be-good methodology. why do we continue bringing in players who are past their prime? it's actually maddening to me. he's in for one year and then he's gone? can't we get a franchise WR instead who will lead us to yearS of glory? i seriously don't get the "quick fix" mentality... it's how the redskins have been operating since snyder bought the team. pittsburgh, san diego, new england (i.e. winning franchises) are all proof that building in the draft is what works. we can't keep trading away our top draft picks for aging veterans.

    plus, it's TERRELL OWENS. just NO. God help us if he does get signed and tries to wear #81...

  2. I give TO at most, one year, before he turns the entire locker room into an infected waste of space.

  3. I'll say if you do get TO, I will laugh, but I will also not be excited to play McNabb and TO. However two things you glossed over. TO drops a lot of passes, easy passes. McNabb doesn't ever lead comebacks, I cannot think of a single memorable comeback that McNabb has led in his career. McNabb can throw a good deep ball, but he also throws at receivers feet a lot. I can now acknowledge this since he is no longer my QB.

    Oh and if Manning could lead a comeback with Stephen Hawking and a Stapler, what happened in the Super Bowl?

    LOL, anyhow great analysis on the possible aquisition.