Tuesday, April 27, 2010

I hate to say it...

I feel comfortable at this point to say....."I told you the Caps were a disappointment in the playoffs!" Even if they win Game 7 and advance, how does anyone have ANY confidence in this hockey team? They don't play like a team pursuing the Cup. They don't play like a team that won the President's Cup. They don't play like the #1 ranked team in the NHL.

It's terribly frustrating. Another Washington sports team failing to perform up to expectations. Do I care the Caps won the President's Cup? Not really. It's nice, but if it doesn't end up in a Stanley Cup I think its a waste.

I'll allow our minds to wander briefly, however. Lets just say the Caps win Game 7 at home against the Montreal Canadiens. They face the Philadelphia Flyers who are currently resting and watching film of how the Canadiens are dismantling my team. Since I'm a Caps loyalist, I'll believe they can get past the Flyers...you know, if they can beat the Canadiens. So if they beat Montreal, then somehow beat Philadelphia, we'd have to play our playoff nemesis Pittsburgh. You know, cause they're a real team who doesn't choke in the playoffs.

Here's my point, when you finish the season number one overall, you are expected to compete for a Stanley Cup, you are not expected to lose in the first round. Washington fans expected to see the Caps in the finals. Even if they didn't win the Cup, they expected them to at LEAST be in the finals.

Its embarrassing. Pathetic.

A good point was made today on the radio about that Caps. They play in the weakest division in, potentially, all of sports. No one else is their division made the playoffs and the Caps combined record against divisional opponents is something like 19-5. So maybe an inflated record led to inflated stats which led to an inflated rank. Maybe the playoffs are the great equalizer where the true nature of a team stands out.

Either way....I told you so.


  1. You give up hope to easily. The Caps will be fine. Everyone said that the one team the Caps didnt want to play in the first round was the Canadiens because they didnt matchup well against there speed and goaltendings. We as fans just got excited with a 3-1 lead in the series, the Caps will win tomorrow night and dismantle the Flyers. Sidney Crosby will not win another Cup, I hate that guy.

  2. You must be watching a different team...they look inconsistent, slow and disorganized. I haven't been impressed. But I hope you're right!